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Dealing with a persistent chest or lung ailment can be challenging. Consult Dr. George Karimundackal, a renowned Thoracic Surgeon in Mumbai with extensive training and expertise. Misunderstandings surrounding lung surgery are common; choosing the right surgeon is the first step in the treatment parthway. 

Dr. George Karimundackal is one of India’s leading thoracic surgeons with over 15 years of experience. He was previously Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai before taking up his current role as Director, Thoracic Surgery at Nanavati Max Hospital. His extensive institutional experience makes him the ideal person to treat complex thoracic cases.

Dr. George is one of India’s foremost exponents of robotic assisted thoracic surgery (RATS) and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). Having successfully performed over a 1,000 thoracoscopic surgeries, he is considered one of the best thoracoscopic surgeons in India. He has pioneered an even more minimally invasive technique – single incision thoracoscopy or uniportal VATS (U-VATS) for lobectomy, which provides even better outcomes.

Dr. George also specialises in complex thoracic resections which require cardiopulmonary bypass support, like large mediastinal masses and carinal resections. At Nanavati hospital he works with a dedicated team of cardiovascular surgeons, thoracic anaesthetists and interventional pulmonologists who support him in these cases.

Looking for Thoracic Surgery Options?

Trust our skilled thoracic surgeon for comprehensive treatment of chest, lung, and esophageal conditions.

Services offered by Dr. George Karimundackal’s


Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS)

Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS)

Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat chest conditions, involving small incisions and a camera.

Robotic Surgery (RATS)

Robotic Surgery (RATS)

Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery (RATS) enhances precision in thoracic procedures using robotic technology, ensuring minimal invasiveness and quicker recovery.

Airway Surgery

Airway Surgery

Airway surgery addresses structural issues in the airways, improving breathing and reducing symptoms like snoring and sleep apnea.

Lung Surgery

Lung surgery treats lung cancer, infections. Dr. George Karimundackal, experienced lung surgeon, performs VATS, robotic surgeries effectively.


Esophageal cancer treatment complex, results improved. Surgery integral, minimally invasive surgery enhances outcomes.


Thymectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the thymus gland, often used to treat myasthenia gravis and thymomas.

Living Longer… Living Better…

Trust our skilled thoracic surgeon for comprehensive treatment of chest, lung, and esophageal conditions.

Mumbai’s Leading Thoracic Surgeon & Team

Dr. George Karimundackal

Dr. George Karimundackal

Director, Thoracic Surgery

  • Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital
  • MBBS, MS (Gen Surg), MCh (Surgical Oncology)
Dr. Vivek Mundale

Dr. Vivek Mundale

Associate Consultant, Thoracic Surgery

  • Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care
  • MBBS, DNB (Gen Surgery), DNB (Thoracic Surgery)
  • Thoracic Oncology Fellowship (Ethicon) – Tata Memorial Hospital

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Dr. George Karimundackal's Happy Clients in Mumbai

Sangita ShahSangita Shah
15:00 18 Jan 24
Amit TilluAmit Tillu
08:00 08 Dec 23
The moment you see Dr. George, you are damn sure everything is going to be fine!!! His charming personality, smile on his face, gives you confidence that he’s going to make everything fine.He gives sufficient time to the patient to answer all queries and doubts. Explains everything thoroughly. He also takes good care post operation . Superb bedside manners.
Lata BraganzaLata Braganza
09:00 30 Jun 23
It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and genuine concern & care for a patient as a doctor and surgeon with outstanding quality of medical care.Dr. George really took time to explain my condition as well as my treatment options. His demeanor and warmth put me at ease and confidence. He is diligent in making sure my health is the best it can be.Dr. Vivek too is no different and will go the length to make sure the patient’s are fine.For me Dr. George has been truly Godsent, and I have nothing but respect and gratefulness for him.I would recommend Dr. George.
Zephyrina BraganzaZephyrina Braganza
08:44 30 Jun 23
Had a strong recommendation to take my mother for a consultation after she was having persistent symptoms and no diagnosis for months.Dr George is a kind, extremely knowledgeable, approachable and thorough surgeon right from diagnosis to discharge and explains everything about the procedure options and aftercare in a clear manner.My mom was at ease and safe while being in doctor’s confident hands.Dr. Vivek too has been very patient and helpful throughout.Forever grateful to Dr. George and Dr. Vivek.
RIDDHI BhalodiyaRIDDHI Bhalodiya
16:52 26 Jun 23
Dr. George karimundackal is a highly experienced thoracic surgeon with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Their extensive years in practice have honed their surgical skills to perfection. From the moment of consultation to post-operative care, Dr. George demonstrates exceptional professionalism and a deep commitment to patient well-being. Their ability to handle complex thoracic surgeries with precision and care is truly remarkable. Patients can trust in Dr. George’s experience to provide them with the best possible surgical outcome and a positive overall experience. I wholeheartedly recommend them for anyone in need of a skilled and experienced thoracic surgeon.
16:50 26 Jun 23
Dr. George karimundackal is an extraordinary thoracic surgeon who truly sets the standard for excellence. Their exceptional skills, coupled with their extensive experience, make them a true master of their craft. From the moment of consultation to the final follow-up, Dr. George karimundackal provides unwavering dedication, personalized care, and a compassionate approach that puts patients at ease. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures optimal surgical outcomes and the highest level of patient satisfaction. Without hesitation, I confidently recommend Dr. George karimundackal as the best thoracic surgeon one could hope for.
Dr.Arpita ShahDr.Arpita Shah
05:52 16 Jun 23
We approached Dr. George for my mother – suffering from cancer of the oesophgus. He answered all our queries with a lot of patience and put us at ease. Took extremely good care of her. He is a surgeon par excellence and with him the patient is in safe hands. He, Dr. Vivek and his entire team at Nanavati hospital are very skilled and treat all patients with empathy. We are forever grateful to him. He always does the best for his patients .Thank you so much Sir for all your efforts.
12:07 30 May 23
Dr George Karimundackal is an excellent Thoracic Surgeon above all a good human being. He is amazing with his patients and his analysis cannot be challenged. He is a surgeon par excellence who knows his job and is confident in his approach. I would take this liberty to say that he is an asset to any organisation/Hospital/Institute. I have known him for the last 7 plus years and would proudly say, have never met a more human doctor and will definitely recommend & trust his diagnosis.. Wish him the very best in all his future endeavours & May god bless him always .. 👍👍

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